Common Terms and Abbreviations

Below you will find a list of common terms and abbreviations- with their meanings- that I use in my articles here on this site:

1.) Allah =  Arabic for “God”

2.) SallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam (saw)  =  “May Allah bless him and grant him peace”, said after the mentioning Prophet Muhammad

3.) Insha Allah =  “If Allah wills”

4.) RadiAllaahu anhu (ra)  = “May Allah be pleased with him” said after mentioning a Companion of the Prophet

5.) RadiAllahu anha (ra) =  “May Allah be pleased with her” said after mentioned a female companion

6.) Rahimahullah (rah)  = “May Allah have mercy on him”

7.) Hadith = Generally speaking, a saying or action of the Prophet

8.) Sunnah = Generally speaking, recommended practices taught by the Prophet

9.) Surah = a chapter of Qur’an

more to come…

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